Traveling Galore!

Hello fellow Geeks!

So, the past few weeks have been jammed with daily flights across North America, and I must say it has been a whirlwind! As I type now, I am sitting at the airport in Seattle (I think…), prepping myself for a red eye flight back to New York City. I land bright and early tomorrow morning, and from there head straight onto another set. This routine has been repeated for many days now, and I must say I am excited to spend some time relaxing with family and prepping for some Holiday fun. However-meeting so many amazing people has been awesome, and I love having fun on set!! Needless to say, I am still absolutely LOVING it. I feel so blessed.

Another update would be my newly-awarded adult status!! Last Sunday (December 11th), I celebrated my 18th birthday. So crazy! Looking back even a year ago, I never would have imagined my life to heave headed this way. It is just such an awesome way to start out my first year as a full-grown person;).

As I had to work Sunday (no rest for the wicked!), my Mom and Dad flew down to celebrate with a special breakfast atop the Time Warner Centre, overlooking Columbus Circle and Central Park. The staff at the Mandarin Oriental (a fabulous and highly recommended spot!) Surprised me with decadently dipped strawberries and one burning candle for me to make my wish. What for, you ask? Hopefully you will find out, one day!

After that we strolled along Madison avenue, as it was only fitting on my birthday. A few hugs and laughs were shared before I was off to the airport once more, and on my way across the country. All in all, I really had an amazing day. Seeing all the comments from everyone wishing me well made my heart swell up to an unnatural size, and reminded me just how lucky I am. Plus, being around my parents, if only for a small amount of time, was just enough to keep a smile on my face for a VERY long time. It was perfection, for no specific reason, but thanks to everyone I get to share my 18-year journey with.

Here’s to many more years to come!

Talk to you very soon, all my love!!!